This project, my thesis, consisted in designing a hybrid halfway between book and ebook. The final output is the result of a deep research that compares these two worlds, studying the qualities, pros and cons, that distinguish them.
The study highlighted the characteristics of each of the two sup- ports: on one hand the electronic book has the merit of being practical, they can potentially store an infinite library, on the other hand, the traditional book has emotional qualities hardly revocable digitally.

In order to find a meeting point between the two supports I looked for a technology able to bring virtual reality in daily life. I found the keystone of my research in the Augmented Reality.
[Augmented] Italian Desing is a product that aims to work in synergy between the paper universe and the digital world.
︎ Final Project: Riccardo Marras
︎ Relatore: Nicolò Ceccarelli